RK parochie te Kampen
Onze Lieve Vrouw ten Hemelopneming

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The internet is a good way to make a lot of information available to a large group of people. The parish "Onze Lieve Vrouw ten Hemelopneming" in Kampen (The Netherlands) has got a treasure of data. A part of this treasure will be published in these internet-pages.

It goes without saying that some items are especially interesting for the parishioners or those that want to behave like or become a parishioner.
Those pages can be found under "Parish-information" and "Committees".

Beside that there are a number of pages wich will be interesting for a much broader audience.
Good starting points for those pages are "Buildings" and "Organ".

But don't forget to browse the other pages. It would be a shame if you missed a concert because you bypassed the page "Happenings". And at "Actions" you can read how you can support the parish or find the status of the most recent action.

With the link under "Home" you will allways return to this page.

You only want to know when and where the celebrations will be?
At the page with celebrations all the regular church-services are lined up.
The dates and times from extra services will be published in the parishmagazine or can be obtained at the parish-office.

The parish-office is the place to find answers on all your questions about the parish.
At the page about the office are the openings-hours and addresses to contact the parisch.

An extended index can be found at the Sitemap. Some links can only be found via that page.
(This page is especially usefull when your browser does not support scripts. In that case there will be no menu on top of the page.)

Other languages
These pages are written in Dutch. Sometimes however the information is also interesting for tourists that are not able to read Dutch. Every now and then a page will be offered in an other language. At the top of those pages there is a reference to the translated page.
The links in the translated pages will point to other translated pages of the same language. If that is not possible the links wil return to the Dutch pages.