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Short introduction.
Links to popular sub-pages
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Interesting for parishioners (parish-guide and folders)

Contains links to sub-pages:
- Pastoral Team
- Celebrations
- Management and organization
- Parish-centre "Het Klooster"
- Parish-office
- Members-administration (with ADDRESSCHANGEFORM)
- Church-contribution (Kerkbalans)
- Parish-magazine
- Parish-archive
- Other service-organisations

Committees per sector
(sector, committee-name and one line with the goal of that committee)
Contains links to sub-pages:
- per committee a page

(there wil probably also be links to these action-pages from within other pages!)
Links to sub-pages:
- per action a page like for example:
- Action Kerkbalans
- there are certainly more actions

The next pages are also of interest to people that are not a member of this parish

(Building)history from the church
Short information on parish-centre "Het Klooster"
Links to sub-pages:
- Church-inventory

History and dispositions of the old pipeorgan.
Other instruments in the church.
Reference to a CD with music played on the organ and link to the concert-page.

Links to sub-pages:
- per happening/concert as many pages as needed

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