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The parish itself does not have a homepage or site. These pages are an initiative of a parishioner.
All the information in these pages is collected from parishguide, folders and other sources.
All prices, dates, names, (e-mail)adresses and phonenumbers are subject to changes and the information in these pages is to be considered as indications.
The intention is to represent the truth as much as possible on this bit of the internet. Above that it is nice to give as much (statical) information about the parish as possible.
Additions or improvements to these pages are always welcome. That applies as well for the notification of syntaxerrors as for completely new subjects.

For remarks or comment:
(webmaster, controller, editor)

The aim is to make a lot of information about the parish available for a large audience in a simple and fast manner. That is why there is much text and not too many pictures. Other (browse)time-consuming techniques like motion-picture and sound have also been kept to a minimum.

These pages are developed on a PC with a screen-resolutian of 800x600 pixels. The browser that was used during development is Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.
These pages use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript. If the pages look "strange", it is possible that your browser reacts differently to the codes than my browser does. That is also something I want to know. Maybe, on the long run, I can improve the pages.

Own homepage for the parish
It would be nice if the parish itself formed a committee to make and maintain this or another homepage. Then it will be possible to offer extra services or functionality. Perhaps it is possible to present more information from the parishmagazine at a right time. There can even be translations from Dutch to other languages of pages that can be of interest for tourists. All this sounds like music to my ear but is still in the future. Still, if there are parishioners that are interested in this idea, they can contact me. Use the same e-mail-address that is mentioned above.