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Celebrations during the weekend:
Saturdayevening at 19:00 o'clock
Sundaymorning at 10:30 o'clock
at the "Onze Lieve Vrouwe-" or "Buitenkerk", Buitennieuwstraat 101.
Every weekend there is at least one celebration with consecration: one week at sundaymorning, the other at saterdayevening. At the other day of the weekend there will be a celebration of Word and Bread where we use the bread that was consecrated in the previous Holy Mass.

Celebrations at weekdays:
Mondaymorning at 9:00 o'clock Holy Mass
Wednesdayevening at 19:00 o'clock Holy Mass
Every weekday at 8:30 o'clock Getijdengebed (morningprayer)
Wednesdayevening at 18:40 o'clock Getijdengebed (vesper)
at the "Onze Lieve Vrouwe-" or "Buitenkerk", Buitennieuwstraat 101.

Celebrations at other locations:
Huize Myosotis en Margaretha:
Every first wednesday of the month at 15:30 o'clock (Holy Mass)
De Vijverhof:
Every first friday of the month at 10:30 o'clock (Holy Mass)

Special celebrations:
The first sunday of the month at 12:00 o'clock is reserved for baptising children.
Previous to this celebration there will be a gathering with the parents of the child(ren). Time and place will be published in the parish-magazine.
The third friday of the month at 9:30 there is an extra Holy Mass for elderly people with afterwards the possibility to have coffee and a chat in the parish-center. Ofcourse everybody is welcome at this celebration.
The hours for wedding- and jubileecelebrations as well as funeral-services will be selected according to the wishes and possibilities.
You are requested to contact the pastor at an early stage for baptising and wedding- and jubileecelebrations. The preparation can than be given enough attention.
At request there can be a wake at the evening before a funeralservice. This wake will be lead by a parishioner (member of the committee "Avondwake").

At special days it is possible to have extra celebrations during the course of the year. Examples are extra celebrations during Christmas or Easter or extra attention for Maria in may and october. Those celebrations shall be announced in the parish-magazine.

Listen to the service at home
"Kerktelefoon" enables people to listen to the services.
Regularly it's our parishes turn to make a broadcast on local radio on sundaymorning and the celebration is part of that broadcast.

Possible soundrecording
For special celebrations, like a wedding or a funeralservice, it's now possible to make a soundrecording via the soundsystem of the church. Please tell us if you want to use this possibility.